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Comprehensive Payroll Solutions
5070 B Ritter Road
Mechanicsburg, PA
(717) 458-0021

  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Full Service Tax Filing
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Time Clock Interfacing
  • Personal Solutions For Any Size Business
  • W-2 and 1099 Processing Payroll 
  • Human Resource Software
  • General Ledger Interfacing

ADP is the leading provider of outsourced solutions for Payroll, Time and Attendance, Human Resources, Benefits Administration and Retirement Plan Administration.  We're privileged to serve payroll and human resource professionals with integrated solutions.
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American Payroll Association


Welcome to our website

Our Mission is: 

  • to build a network of payroll professionals across the Commonwealth and beyond.

  • to provide training and recognition to all payroll professionals.

  • to offer the payroll professional the opportunity to learn and grow.

  • to pay every employee accurately and on time, every time.

  • to uphold the mission of the American Payroll Association.

As a payroll professional, you are vital to your company's success. You are the one responsible for payroll processing, technology development and complete legal and tax compliance. Confidentiality and accuracy are essential and timeliness is central to every function that you perform. 

As a member of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the American Payroll Association, you would be equally vital to the success of our organization.

Members of our organization represent many companies in our region... from small businesses to the area's largest employers.  As an individual member, you will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of many payroll professionals.

We would like to share some information about our local chapter of the American Payroll Association throughout this website. We are pleased that you chose to look at our organization's website and hopefully we will be able to meet your expectations and help you become a stronger payroll professional.

We hope that you will want to join us, helping us grow as an organization and helping our membership keep abreast of the ever changing payroll profession. We are excited about the opportunities that we offer our members, i.e. the broad range of meeting speakers, networking opportunities, newsletters, study groups to help with your CPP/FPC test and community events to mention a few.

Let us know how we can help you.

                                                                                                INTERESTING FACTS / ARTICLES

Have you checked out our website lately? 

We want to take the time to welcome you to our first ever Susquehanna Valley Membership Portal.  You may ask yourself "What is a portal?" and "How can it improve our chapter?"

A portal is a place where you can connect yourself through discussions, photo galleries, secure sites and everything specific to our members.  This will improve our chapter tremendously.  We have tapped into the latest website technology.  This advancement will help us improve the way we all communicate with each other.     

We use this site to post non-public information.  Our public site is going to be used to help drive membership and promote community awareness.  Don't forget to click on Events Calendar, Payroll Discussion and Contact Us for more information.  The Payroll Discussion is to be used to get your views on "hot topics" being discussed in Pennsylvania and the federal level.  Check the board on occasion to see what's new.

We encourage you to navigate around our site.  We want your feedback. Let us know what types of useful information we should post.  But keep our public site in mind too.  We don't want to duplicate content.  We want to post information here that is just for members.

Remember, all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  If you have questions or suggestions or even want to become more involved with website maintenance, please contact Kay Smuck at

Very Interesting Article  "On-Line Privacy Monitoring as Part of an Overall Proactive Privacy Strategy"   January 2007


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